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I think the Wapity is adorable, and makes a perfect wristlet. I also had a partition for a while, and it was also wristlet style. I had a delightful mini pochette, and while it was super cute, it was just too small to be really functional. christian louboutin daffodil
I love this idea!I recently found a pre-loved , Like new LV luggage tag that was heat stamped with my DH initials the other day in a very pretty blue color and got it for $20 shipped! I was going to throw it on our luggage but I might use it on my key ring instead. I could even put a pic of him under the flap where I would usually put our address info! :)Thanks for the idea! louis vuitton replica
hank you for posting the photos. I am loving this bag. I got the bloomsbury pm for the b'day this past year and am in love with damier. Once I saw this bag, I knew it was going to be my next LV purchase. I am wonder how the base of the bag does with weight inside it? Does is sag out? I absolutely hate how my speedy looks once I put my stuff in it, d/t louis vuitton
,i never find my Trevi to be heavy. the answer will be yes, if you compare it to other LV canvas purses but if you do a comparison to all leather purses, it is not heavy at all. if you want a bag that age well and show little sign of use then the Trevi is the way to go. as far as vachetta goes, it start patina faster if you carry it more often. so there's really no time period how they start to oxidate. louis vuitton bag,Galliera all the way! louis vuitton handbags,

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